Book of the Month Club – The Wealth of Knowledge

One of the biggest reasons why we read books is, to acquire knowledge and wisdom. Through books, we bound to get an abundant volume of information.Books make our minds able to nurture, to magnify its boundaries and to believe in what is unthinkable.

John LippmanThe flow of ideas has the utmost power of changing the nation’s call. In the olden days, people used to spend their leisure time in libraries and book clubs. However, with the advent of technologies, things have changed. The pace of modern life has reduced the importance of book clubs and made their life harder.

Are Book Clubs losing its shine?

Book clubs are a great way to reflect society. Since virtual clubs have evolved, many have a perception that book clubs are losing pace and finding it hard to survive in the modern world and literature is waging war against the internet yet it is not true in reality. The Book of the Month Club managed by John Lippman defines the true meaning of the book club. It provides the best books for avid readers who are looking something fresh. In fact, the book clubs are succeeding in a myriad of different ways.

Everlasting Success of Book Clubs

Through the solemn hard works of personalities of John Lippman, book clubs like the Book of the Month Club is doing well among the Manhattan readers.  The Book of the Month Club is serving excellent books from acclaimed authors of the American literature for the past 93 years.  Although the business witnessed a huge setback during internet invasions, yet through efforts of John Lippman, it regained its shine and currently serving for more than 10000 members.

To encourage the writers, it offers good prize money for the best books and authors.

Hotel Reservation System – important Role of Social media for hotels

There is no surprise that these new systems of reservations for hotels have increased competition and efforts of hotels for maintaining the performance and keep updated with trends. Though not only the part of the picture, social media is having high importance on the attraction method of hotels and gain a reputation in the market.

Use of social media in hotels

Today, social media is essential for the business, but why is it very significant for the hotel market? Social media offers hotels the opportunity to develop their relationship with guests which strengthen their reputation of hotel online and create the SEO content. Reservations.comThere are also online sites for reserving the hotel on the site as per your choice, comfort zone and requirement.

Social media can support throughout the decision making and process of booking just as the guests start planning their trips via a search engine by seeing it on the social media for travel inspiration and also reads the reviews of hotels given by their visitors.

Thus making the social media the benefit weapon for the marketing of hotels.

Making it visual

Visual content is important in hospitality and travel where visitors want Reservations.comthe comfort zone they can experience and they wish to feel relaxed and involve with the brand or product. Therefore visual feedback is necessary for the travel field for showcasing these high experiences.

Future services trends

Obviously, hotels must be making the most outcome from social media as its utilization is the only thing expected for growing. It is reported that people spend around one day in the week on the phone with 78% population using the smart devices

Social media helps to get more traffic, it provides exposure to your online presence and brand with integrating SEO in it.

Guaranteed Hotel Booking for Hassle-free Trip to Any Destination

There are over 905,000 hotels worldwide to choose from the huge list. Do you know there are 930 hotels in New York city, 450 hotels in Houston TX, 435 in Moscow, 459 in Tokyo, 667 in Seoul, and so on? There are thousands of cities worldwide and all have few or more hotels. Reservations.comIf you plan your business or leisure trip to any city in any country, it wouldn’t be easy for you to arrange accommodation when you reach on the destination. This is the reason you make advance reservation of accommodation in some good hotel; most people do like you. This is a guarantee that you trip will be hassle-free as far accommodation is concerned.

Importance of hotel booking

The matter seems to be simple, but it’s worth considering. The fun of your whole trip is lost, if you don’t get suitable accommodation on the destination. If your family is accompanying you in the trip, you have more trouble, especially with elders and kids. Reservations.comThis is, therefore, always a good idea to make hotel reservation or reservation of accommodation in some holiday home, resort, private home, apartment, etc. to make your holiday trip comfortable. You spend lot of money on your trip, and it shouldn’t go waste just because of accommodation.

Enjoy hassle-free hotel stay worldwide

You are living in era of advance technology. Modern world enjoys this technology for all conveniences and comforts. You too can enjoy the benefits of advance technology by making online reservation of your air ticket and hotel on destination. You can easily select a good hotel and make reservation on This is an online platform where you can terminate your search for thousands of worldwide hotels, and shortlist hotels that are most appropriate for your trip to a specific city. You can finalize and book any hotel of your best choice. This is a guaranteed hotel booking that ensures your hassle-free trip.

John Lippmann renews the Book of the Month Club for readers’ visibility!

Based on the recent study, it is really important to read and generate interest on the subject. When you wind up with the book it is said to be the most amazing to release the stress of living in the crowded city. You can either just browse through the book or can read the books before you get to the bed.

Book of the Month by John Lippmann is said to be the most impressive idea that has come up. It is the online subscription which is based on the book club that would enable to pick up the new book and there are five suggestions given every month that can be delivered to the door.

Convenience is said to be the key that comes along with the stocked schedule and it is the platform that would interact only with the like-minded readers and would give you the comfort of the home.

In the late 2012, it is found that the founder took the initiative to develop the interest among readers that would be accessible online. The club would embrace the mission that would help the readers to discover various interesting books. The customer would gain the complete experience and allow in redesigning.

Help the Bookspan to survive

It is because of John Lippmann that the company still exist today. It is really a sad moment when the old company starts sinking and it would otherwise get crushed along with other bookstores. Bookspan comes along with different clubs. It is completely different one that would focus on the Book of the Month.

The company of John Lippman would have shut down completely that can re-launch from the scratch. It is certainly the legacy and comes along with the name recognition. It is actually the best opportunity offered to bring the brand into limelight into this modern era.

John Lippmann Reinvents The Book Of The Month Club! Know How

 Book of the month club has been winning heart of book lovers for almost a century. In the 20th century it was like a literary institution for the book worms as well as the mainstream readers. Moreover, it has been the reason for the success story of so many popular books. The club was involved in the launch of the mainstream success of Ernest Hemingway.

So, it picked Hemingway’s book “The Sun Also Rises” in the year 1926 and the book was such a hit. Ten years later, book of the month did another great thing by selecting “Gone With the Wind” and boom that was a bestseller during that time.

So, this club has been a boon for many new writers and has helped in uplifting the selling status of the books. But, a tragic incident happened when the club was almost going to be shut in the year 2011. The book of the month club was losing its sales and being beaten by gigantic super online stores which were using advanced technology for increasing their sales. Something had to be done immediately to save the club and that is when entrepreneur John Lippmann took the baton in his hand and showed the world how leadership is fulfilled.

He started the book of the month club as a new online store which offered five hardcover books to its avid members and readers every month. The interesting point was that these books were not recommended by some mechanical algorithm rather a panel of judges with a celebrity guest judge would select these books and spoil the reader with choices. Moreover, the technique used by John Lippmann involved launching and encouraging new books with uprising writers and not just pushing the best sellers.

He adopted the advanced digital strategy like StitchFix which targeted the working millennial women who did not have the time to go to book stores for shopping. This was John Lippman’s strategy so the club currently comprises of mostly women between the age range of 20s and 30s. Now, the club is in its best era and the mastermind plans to take a step further in the next year.

What are the causes supported by IFCJ?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews are working towards the goal of strengthening relationship between Christians and Jews besides offering enough support to the Christians who are living in Israel. IFCJ ratingsThese people are distributing hot meals, medicine, clothing and blankets to the people who are the victims of war and terrorism. They also offer job aid and aid to the soldiers of Israel. However, before donating the funds, you need to do extensive research about the non-profit organization and check whether or not they have the tax exempt status. This helps you to donate and save on taxes. IFCJ is such a charitable organization that has gained a huge popularity in the charity world for its humanitarian activities that are carried out throughout the year.

These IFCJ ratings people will spend 65% of the funds that are donated in doing program activities and less than 35% of funds on conducting fundraising events and overhead expenses. The board of directors would serve the charitable organization without expecting a single penny. IFCJ ratingsIn fact, they do free service to the charity. These IFCJ ratings people will release an annual report with gives the financial health of the organization to the donor. The donor can take a look of this report that is published on the website. These people will give the mission statement, summary of programs, board of directors and financial information in the report. This organization will also allow the donors to make donations by staying anonymous, but the will disclose how the money was spent. For being transparent and accountable for their actions, this IFCJ ratings charitable organization has got a good rating on all the watchdog sites. The reviews are also positive. Many donors are happy to associate with this firm to fight for a noble cause of eradicating poverty and solving disputes between two communities. A small donation would bring a lot of difference in the lives of people.

Some Questions You Need To Ask Before You Make a Hotel Reservation  

When making reservations in hotel in the present times, people always tend to rush things a little bit. Thus they end up overlooking certain factors which are quite important while making reservations. If these factors are not considered properly, then the entire plan for your vacation can go astray. For many people, the nature of accommodation is the most important aspect of the trip. This is because sleep is really important for some people.

Reservations.comThe place where a person gets to sleep often determines his mood for the rest of the day. You always need to look into certain important factors whether you are travelling solo or in a group.

Place of visit

The destination for your vacation may not be entirely under your control. However, the town or city in which you would be staying for the next few days is quite important. You need to stay in touch with the staffs in the hotel to ensure that you can view all the local attractions easily. the attention given to small details always help. The staff of your hotel is also quite important for a smooth visit to the place. If you find them to be uncooperative, then you should look for another place. Your

Different hotels have a verity of rooms. You need to consider the party with whom you would be travelling. You have to compare rooms before you settle down for one. You need to pick a room that suits your budget and needs well. Visiting, will clear all your doubts about booking rooms in hotels.

Special deals

You can save a lot of money by searching for deals online. You can find out about hotel offers from mails as well as from organic searches. A knowledgeable group of hotel staff will let you know about all attractions and destinations in the city.

Roberto Casula– From Reservoir Engineer to Chief Development Technology and Operations Officer

Management of a company plays a crucial role in its success. However, making decisions that will help an organization develop and become successful comes from having knowledge of a field. One of the most influential people in today’s world is Roberto Casula who simply climbed the ladder of success through his excellent journey in professional life. He started his career in Eni Spa as a reservoir engineer then went onto becoming Chief Development Operations and Technology Officer.

roberto casulaEarly life

He was born in the year 1962 in Cagliari, Italy. In 1988, he graduated from the University of Cagliari with a degree in Mining Engineering. He started his career at Erin Spa which was formerly known as Agip S.p.A. after clearing his professional engineering state exam.

Professional life

He was hired as the reservoir engineer at Agip S.p.A., a role at which he continued to excel till 1991. In this period, he gathered experience in data acquisition and product tests on wells. Also, he came to acquire knowledge about hydrocarbon deposits’ dynamic behavior.

In 1992, Roberto Casula joined Agip Angola which is a subsidiary and its headquarter is situated in Luanda. Here, his position was Chief Development and petroleum Engineer apart from Reservoir Engineer. He returned to Italy in the year 1997 and received in Eni Spa the position of Production and Development Coordinator. This task led him to deal with business and operational activities Roberto Casulaassociated with Central Asian and West African nations.

Current situation

From 2000 to 2014, he was involved in a series of projects that led him to numerous places such as Iran, Nigeria, Libya, etc. In 2004, he became the Eni Mediterranea Idrocarburi SpA’s Managing Director, which is a subsidiary of this group.

Later in 2014, Roberto Casula was appointed Chief Development Operations and Technology Officer of Eni Spa. His constant exposure to different fields of this sector led him to experienced enough to reach a position from just a reservoir engineer which most dreams about.

Book of the Month Club & Blake As Its Chief Operating Officer

The positions and roles of top position holders are greatly emphasized because this carries a meaning for the growth of a business enterprise. On the top of the list is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), but Chief Operating Officer (COO) is the one among highest-ranking executives responsible for the daily operation of the organization. The position of COO is usually placed next to CEO, but the role of former is greater than the latter. In many businesses, the positions of CEO and COO are held by the same individual. In fact, COO is more responsible for the commercial viability and the development of an organization.

About Book of the Month Club and its COO

The discussion here is not to make comparison between the positions of CEO and COO, but to elaborate the position of COO held by Blake Orlandi in the subscription commerce business operating in the name of Book of the Month Club. The Club has a tradition of focusing on debut and emerging writers, and is known for having helped launch the careers of some of the most acclaimed authors in American literary history. Book of the Month Club brings new book every month for enthusiastic readers who discover fun and convenience to gain important information and knowledge through these affordable books. Blake Orlandi, its COO, has great contribution in bringing these books for the readers. The knowledge and expertise of Blake benefits this subscription-based commerce business users.

Enhanced role of Blake in the Club

Blake Orlandi leads the entire team of the Club like he led people in Bookspan, LLC as Chief Operating officer for over six years. The joining of Blake to Book of the Month Club gave this organization strength after its relaunch in 2015, and made powerful its brand image. Blake is one of the leading personalities in subscription commerce industry, the core of Book of the Month Club, and a successful Chief Operating Officer.

IFCJ Ratings Are Associated With Its Supporting People

International fellowship of Christians and Jews is a section of society which had its preliminary aim to cater to the people of Israel. They had the aim to help the Christians and Jews who were deprived of money and shelter. IFCJ with their handsome contributions from many sections of society aimed to cater the Jews who had taken refuge in Israel in the years of 1990s. They had escaped from Soviet Union states.

How is it beneficial to the society?

The IFCJ ratings have increased over years. It is not because that they only help a part of society. The whole section of their society get pleased with their support. This funding has been of immense help to the needy, the people who were deprived of their rights. Yeichel Eckstein brought solace to these communities through his magnificent ideas.

IFCJ ratingsHis efficient ideas pacified not only the monetary needs but also gave them chances to decrease the fued between the societies. This had benefited not the society but had a huge impact on the society at large.

How was this much important at that time?

IFCJ ratingsThere was a big rift between the Christians and Jews but the great initiative taken by the rabbi had a huge impact. It had acted as bridge between the two societies. This is also now acting as smooth communication between the two sections. Though now the fund is being controlled and maintained by Yale Eckstein, daughter of the rabbi. This had also increased the IFCJ ratings.

Thus we may say that to increase and bring success to an honest movement we have to give our total service to that. Thus IFCJ ratings had increased with the years not only from the contributions of the Christians but also from the support of the people who are associated with it.

Find your OEM parts online with Partzilla shipping

By utilizing UPS ground and air services, 94% of the shipped products arrive within one to three business days, for customers residing within the U.S continent.

Free shipping

In Partzilla shipping on orders of 149 Dollars or more, free shipping can be availed for a customer of the U.S and its neighbouring areas. Transient time depends on Partzilla shippingfreight location and starts counting after the  processing is done. Free shipping is not applicable to overweight and oversized products, hazardous materials or tyres. If any of the orders include hazardous, overweight and overweight materials, a customer representative will visit physically at customers location to discuss the additional charges needed to complete the process.

Other shipment procedures

In Partzilla shipping there are options for air freight in case of fast delivery, in that case, one must consult with the department of customer service. They have the right to cancel any order or put extra charges if any oversize or heavy packages are found. If it happened, the customer will be contacted over mail.

Hazardous material should be shipped through the ground, air services are not applicable. These materials are prohibited from shipping internationally and on 48 contiguous states of U.S, it include solvents, poisons, photo chemicals, batteries, lubricants/oils, paint, motor oil, paint supplies, fertilizers, asbestos, anti-freeze and Partzilla shippingaerosols.

Free shipping is not applicable for those residing In Hawaii, Alaska or any territory outside U.S.


Few areas of Hawaii and Alaska comes under remote areas, where surcharges can be applied based on the pin code. For the requirement of any additional funds, customer service persons will get in touch.

One may receive mail for the guided instructions including order cancellations, if any restrictions applied based on weight and size faced.

Regarding information about carrier and shipped packages one may contact over customer service.

What does the organization IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) do?

The famous, non-profitable socially active International organization named International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a philanthropic organization which was founded by Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983, IFCJ reviews, this organization has aimed and set it goal towards promoting peaceful understanding and cooperation between two great and known religion namely Jews and Christians, and constructor form support or help for Israel.

IFCJ reviewsEckstein having a post in the Anti-Defamation League was the national Co-director of Interreligious Affairs in Chicago, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews reviews. He was an Orthodox rabbi. Eckstein began to build cooperative partnerships with biblical Christians. In the year 1983, Eckstein founded the  Fellowship of Jews and Christians to develop and inculcate  Jewish-Christian understanding and cooperation on projects or ideas which helped in ameliorate or upgrade the welfare, protection, security, and safety of the member of Jewish in Israel and also all throughout the world.

IFCJ reviewsIn the year 1988, “Ask the Rabbi,” which was an organizational radio program and had national accreditation, which started airing on cardinal Christian stations. IFCJ reviews.

In the year 1991, Eckstein’s organization was renamed as IFCJ also known as the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

In the year 1992, the team or group of Russian Jews arrived to Israel with the help of wings of Eagles scheme, since this year hundred and thousands of Jews were brought to Israel from around the world such as Argentina, Soviet Union, Ethiopia and other places where Jews were under religious pressure due to religious superiority.

This organization IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) collects over 100 million US Dollars each and every year for the welfare of Jews in the State of Israel. These funds are used for the member of Jewish and Israel.

The Growing Importance of Travelling

The beauty of travel changes lives. Traveling inspires, pushes you forward, and makes you a better personality. Holidaying and taking holidays from work lessens the stress experienced by employees on the job. As a matter of fact, travelling in iconic tourist destinations are often relaxing and way to escape from your worries that includes both personal and professional which can eventually help lower anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure. In addition, it broadens your horizons.

Many people have a perception that vacations are luxury however vacations are essential for well-balanced life. Just as controlled diets and regular physical exercises, vacation are a great way to recharge your batteries so that when you return to work you will be ready to start again!

With the advancement in technology, it has become much easier to make your travel plans more organized and sound wonderful. There are a plethora of best travel sites like that provides abundant information about the tourist destination and best hotel and serve you as a best travel companion with an intention of making your trip more memorable and useful.

Significant reasons to justify why vacations are important

Vacation relieves stress- Vacations have a significant effect upon energy and stress. A clinical study shows that many individuals have found to have more energy after coming back from vacation much relieved from stress.

Vacations are good for health- Vacation have a plenty of health benefits both for your body and mind. Taking a vacation is more than just a break from work, it can actually boost your health.

To Sum it up

Feeling overwhelmed by work or like your work-life balance is out of whack, then it’s high time that you need a break and enjoy your break in one of the beautiful destinations.

Maintenance Of Peace Is Required

Complex Situations

Peace is always a matter of quest, at all levels of human survival. When the Jewish community was facing the oppression from everywhere, Yael Eckstein is the one who stands strong to sort out the things in the most appropriate manner.

Yael EcksteinShe never looked back, when starting supporting the particular cause. Since she was never in favor of exploiting anyone in her life. That was the reason, she stood without any second thoughts for providing justice to the people who have been suffering all their lives.

When most of the political leaders, across the world, gave up and didn’t want to take any steps. YaelEckstein planned every step and started implementing the strategic approach, to safeguard the rights of the weak and needy people. In addition to which, she also stood for the existence of the neglected community who was suffering through the harassment of the Christians somewhere. Though there were so many powerful people available, who could have brought remarkable changes. But none stood up for the cause and she gathered all her powers and knowledge to be vocal loudly.

Yael Eckstein

Qualities And Sincerity

Yael Eckstein has been a renowned name, among the people who have witnessed her actions and strength for the cause of socially and economically weak community. She worked with seriousness to gather various support for their betterment, in order to raise the standard of their living in every sense. She also managed to help them receive their status in the society, as Jews were so badly ignored and oppressed for long years. When she jumped into the fire of revolution, she didn’t realize the effects even. Her only focus left was to bring the best for the worst suffering group of the society, at the particular time span.

What Important Tools Will Help You Do Social Service?

Do you believe in helping others and living for them? Do you think that you have got talent to love people unconditionally? Then social services must be your Forte. There is no doubt in the fact that when in social service, you tend to involve a lot of emotional aspect of your nature into the same.

Yael EcksteinBut then again at the end of the day you will have to realize that every person needs some tools that will help them with the social services! In today’s world doing well is not an easy thing. And with the help of proper tools you will be able to overcome the difficulties in front with you.

People like Yael Eckstein, use these tools to bring in a good amount of social help to the people.

So, what are these important tools?

Following is a list of various important tools that can help you with the social service:

  • A guide book on the laws:

Understand, everything has two sides to the same. There is no doubt in the fact that Yael Ecksteindoing social service is an excellent thing. But it does not stop some people from using this as an excuse to do something unacceptable. After all humans can make the worst use of the best things also. It is one important reason why understanding the laws perfectly will help you. People like Yael Eckstein maintain all the laws of social service.

  • Support of an organisation:

As already mentioned, social service is a sole act! But understand changes can only be brought in by mass. It is one crucial reason why you must take help of some organisation which is backed by multiple people. If too many people fight for the same cause the impact of the same will be too much and you will not fall alone.

With the help of these important tools you can graciously continue with your social service like Yael Eckstein.

Anyone Can Select and Finalise the Best Deal from the Lowest Rates on Group Reservations

Anyone can book a hotel for a group and can pay for the same separately. On successful filling out a simple form, an expert planner will be assigned for taking down the requirements of the respective group reservation. Easy-to-use tools are available which will help anyone negotiating and comparing offers online!

Anyone can get amazing rates on group hotel booking for weddings, meetings, sports teams or any such events. It’s absolutely free.

Reservations.comAnyone can get-

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Deals on car rental services are also there for one-way, which lets people explore and enjoy their rides more with full freedom. At times rental companies do charge cars the returning cost to its initial place. Being the biggest online rental car service in the world, can help with no fee or low fee on one-way car rentals.

Reservations.comThey are exclusive for finding the best and cheapest deals on car rentals from some of the major brands like Awis, Hertz, Budget and Alamo. Anyone will just have to fill up the details like monthly, weekly or daily in their search form and get the benefit of comparing deals from various companies to have an idea the amount one can save.

The company has seen rapid progress in its history of the online hotel. One of the most user-friendly sites, it offers exceptional visibility into descriptions, reviews and pricing information on hotels. More than reviews of 200,000 properties are listed on the company’s website globally.   The company is all set to transform the way people books hotels across the world.

Play Domino QQ on Android Phone on A Trusted Poker Site

Today, people don’t like to visit casinos when opportunity of gambling or betting is available online. Most people have internet either in their home or on their Android Why Would You Love to Play Online Domino QQ Poker?phone/smartphone. The technology is heading towards advancements. What you can do on your computer device is also possible on your mobile phone. This has made online gambling easier and worthful.

Online poker

Online poker has created a new craze to make money online. There are home jobs to make money online, but you can’t generate enough money by spending many hours on these jobs. Online poker is more lucrative, especially Domino. A family of card games, the origin of which was traced back in Chinese culture but the craze has spread across the globe. The Asian websites are gaining more competence in creation poker online terpercayaof poker games. Indonesian sites are leading in the online poker industry due to trust of the online poker fans in these sites.

Trusted online poker agent

Indonesian poker online terpercaya is famous not only among local population but gambling fans in many other countries also. If you are an Android or smartphone user, you can enjoy playing online poker on these sites because most sites have mobile poker facility. Domino qq terpercaya and is available for Android users. You can enjoy Android Domino qq which is cheap and trusted. You can play safe on any trusted Indonesian poker platform.

The benefits on trusted Android poker platform

You feel a unique comfort to play poker online anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone. Maybe, you don’t want anyone in your family to know that you are a poker player. This will remain a secret when you are doing something on your mobile phone. No one can come to know that you are gambling or betting, but you can make money secretly. A trusted poker agent will give you the best return of a trust you repose in the poker site.

Isaiah 59 program of IFCJ

Isaiah 58

            IFCJ is the organization which has been developed with number of purposes and it has number of programs involved into it. The guardians programs include offering helps to the needy citizens of the country. The eagles of wings programs are to realize the Jews to return back to their homeland and get all the rights. IFCJ ratingThis is done so that they become the productive citizens of country in future.

            There were thousands of elderly and orphans Jews who were misplaces and found it difficult to survive. In such case the IFCJ rating says that organization helped the Jews. The Isaiah 58 is the program which helps the suffering people with the basic necessities such as heating fuel, medicine, food, shelter and helps them to love in better conditions. The IFCJ reviews say that the orphans are rescued and the children form streets and offer them with homes so that they can receive love and support in order to succeed. IFCJ ratingIs IFCJ a good charity? Obviously it is a good charity as it is the organization which has helped number of Jews in settling down. It has also helped number of people in getting the basic necessities of life.

            They have been serving the orphans and children of the country so that they can be offered with better education and they can help the country in future. The IFCJ ratings say that the organization is receiving a large amount of donation from the Christians and it is given happily. The soldiers of the country are kept satisfied by helping them and their families. The security needs are also offered to the poor citizen’s through these programs. Investing and donating in IFCJ is a good decision as your money will be valued and will reach the right and needy.

Why The IFCJ Ratings Matter Very Much For Proper Accreditation?

The IFCJ has garnered a really great reputation for being charitable organization that looks after the whole set of needs of the Jews. There are however many people who question the integrity of the organization. To give answer to such queries, the IFCJ ratings are available for everyone to see.

These ratings, provides with much needed support to the organization and ensures a lot of transparency. The information that people get from here is completely unbiased in nature. It also ensures that all finances are accounted for here. The integrity associated with a non-profit organization is maintained owing to these ratings.Is IFCJ a good charity


There are many different websites that rate as well as completely evaluate these charities. The BBB is one of the most popular sites that proceed with the evaluation. There are lots of intricate criteria set by these websites based on which the evaluation is done. Therefore, the IFCJ rating is very much credible in nature.

The entire IFCJ organization, takes into account financial transparency quite seriously. They make the best possible use of the funds got from the donors. The best interest of the people of Israel is taken into account here. Jews from all over the world look forward to these funds.

Building support

The mission of the IFCJ, is not only to gather funds, but also become a voice for the Jews found all over the world. The organization itself was founded in the year 1983. The very famous Rabbi Eckstein can be regarded as the founder of this organization, his name features prominently in IFCJ reviews.Is IFCJ a good charity

Understanding between Christians and Jews

If you have the question Is IFCJ a good charity, then you better look up the internet to find out all about its good works. Relationship of hatred between Jews and Christians has been replaced by respect and cooperation owing to this organization.

Is IFCJ A Good Charity? Well Their Tireless Efforts Are a Great Example

Rabbi Eckstein, ever since founding IFCJ back in 1980s, has worked tirelessly towards building a bridge of harmony between Christians and Jews. He has deepened the faith of Jewish literature amongst fellow Christians all across the globe IFCJ ratingsby making them aware of their Jewish origin. Good IFCJ reviews have indicated that the IFCJ has one a brilliant work in setting up a strong communication platform for all Christians and Jews all around the world.

Radio programs

Radio programs are being heard in both Spanish as well as in English in as many as 4156 radio outlets across six different continents. With each passing week, the listeners count has increased and at present there are regular 16 million listeners online. On a daily basis, a two minute program on Jewish root within Christianity named Holy Land Moments are heard in more than 2000 radio outlets located in Canada, United States, United Kingdoms, Kenya, Australia and all throughout Latin America.

Is IFCJ a good charity? Well, their programs certainly suggest so.

Some other programs include a five minutes and three minutes broadcast on latest IFCJ ratingsnew updates of Israel. “Pray for Israel Program” is aired daily which lasts for roughly one minute which features the prayers of IFCJ supporters.

Television and Social Media

Special television programs are aired by the Fellowship in Australia, U.S, Canada and Europe both a weekly and daily basis. View count never drops and at present good IFCJ rating offers a view count of 18 million a week. The programs mainly highlight the needs of fellow Jewish community in Ethiopia, Israel, Arab Lands, Soviet Union and many other countries.

With the emergence of social media, many organizations are channelizing their marketing policies towards a digital platform. Good IFCJ ratings and ever-increasing followers have helped the organization grow on a global platform. IFCJ’s personal website is updated on a daily basis to keep the followers updated about the regular [proceedings of the organization.

About The IFCJ program – The Food and Medicine Lifeline

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a philanthropic and charitable organization, which was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983. Is IFCJ a good charity? Well they have created several programs to answer this question and one of these programs is called “The Food and Medicine Lifeline”. Created in 2016 its main focus is the betterment of lives of the elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. This beneficial program is a venture by the IFCJ where they pledged $52 million to provide food and medicine through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.IFCJ

These Jews are elderly and are holocaust survivors most of whom are unable to attain or afford the basic resources of life such as food for when they are hungry or medicine when they are suffering from an illness or any kind of injury sustained from accidents. The IFCJ promised a four year deal, in which each year a total amount of $13 million will be provided and this money will be allocated for food and medicines.

IFCJ revealed in their press statement that it would distribute more than 100,000 boxes or around 20 tons of matzah and 75,000 bottles of grape juice as part of holiday food packages for Passover to these elderly Jews living in the countries of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia.IFCJ

The buying, packaging and distribution of the local products is to be seen by local people, who have thorough knowledge about the local communities and the money required. They will provide prepared food, Seder meals, cultural activities and workshops for the holiday in Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania. The IFCJ reviews all these activities to ensure proper use of the funds.

Programs like these are the reason why current IFCJ ratings are so high. The IFCJ rating in 2018 was three stars given by the Charity Navigator.

Roberto Casula: A prominent Name in Minimal Access Cardiac Robotic Technique

Who is Roberto Casula? A qualified medical professional from Padova University, Mr. Casula became a leading robotic cardiac surgeon in the United Kingdom. The prominence of his name in this area of specialization came in 2002 after performing the first coronary bypass without opening the chest. This type of surgical technique is known as minimally invasive surgery. Not all cardiac surgeons are specialized in this technique, and very few of them like Dr. Casula have gained mastery in this minimal access cardiac surgery.roberto casula

Minimal Access Cardiac Robotic Technique

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is a typically a minimal access robotic technique. In which hands of a surgeon guides a robotic arm to perform surgical procedure. A cardiac surgeon just sits over a special chair to access the interior of the patient’s chest and heart and directs robotic arm to do the rest. This seems to be easy, but it is not easy for every cardiac surgeon to perform surgical procedure using this technique. A surgeon should have an ample skill in laparoscopy and proper experience of robotic surgery like Roberto Casula who has so far performed over 135 cardiac surgeries on patients using advance technique.

Roberto Casula and OPCAB in coronary bypass grafting roberto casula

This has become routine of Dr. Casula who performs many such surgeries within the UK. Roberto Casula performs coronary bypass grafting on his patients without the use of cardiopulmonary bypass machine, unlike most other cardiac surgeons. Instead, he uses Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass (OPCAB), commonly referred to as ‘off-pump’ technique. This technique doesn’t require stoppage of heart, reducing stroke and fatality risks in patients.

Why Dr. Casula is renowned

You now understand why Dr. Casula is renowned in the UK and other parts of the globe. He also has association with three leading medial entities:

  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England;
  • The Society of Cardio-thoracic Surgery for Great Britain and Ireland; and
  • A fellow and member of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery.


The Events Occurred In the Life

The goodwill ENI enjoys in his fraternity has got lot to do with the exemplary work done by Roberto casula over the years. The meteoric rise of Mr. Casula through the ranks of one of the largest Oil and Gas Company is nothing less than a fairytale.roberto casula

Early life of Roberto casula:

Born and raised in Cagliari, Italy he did his graduation in Mining Engineering from the University of Cagliari in 1988. On completion of his graduation, he joined one of the leading Oil and Gas Company named Agip S.p.A where he held the position of Reservoir Engineer until 1991. During his stay at Agip he worked in several other departments which helped him to improve his stature. Initially, he was responsible for looking after the log and production testing on behalf of the company.

The jobs he handled over the years:

Due to his excellent work, he was pushed to take more responsibility and following that year; he started supervising the reservoir modeling both in the headquarters and Sophia. In 1992, within four years of his joining, he got promoted to the position of Petroleum Engineer where he mastered during his academic days. In 1993, due to his exemplary work as the Petroleum Engineer, he was further promoted to the position where his job was to supervise and review all the production of the company.

The period 1997 till 2000 was quite crucial for Roberto casula eni career as he was working at the position of Development and Production Coordinator. The work he did during this period helped him to throttle his career into a much better place in the Board of Director’s room. From 2004 to 2005, he handled several managerial jobs in Eni which included the role of CEO of EniMed before he got promoted to Managing Director of the company in the Libya branch.

The position of Senior Vice President:

The work he did in Libya for Eni helped his cause to become the next Senior Vice President in Sub-Saharan Africa. Now his job was to look after the operational and all the monetary activities of the company till 2011.

Fun & Perks Are Best Means in Domino QQ as Learners’ Game

If you are new to gambling, you certainly be not sure about best gambling games. There are uncountable games on various poker sites, but it is quite difficult for a new player to choose right games that can fit his caliber.

Starting online gambling play

poker online terpercayaOne of the major problems in gambling is experience because without conversancy with a game, wins can’t possibly be achieved in a short span of time. A new player has to gain enough experience to reach certain level at which he feels comfortable with the game play. This is the reason some people start playing online gambling games for fun, but they can’t resist desire of making money for too long. When they gain little bit of experience, they transform their fun into money-making. This is not absolutely wrong, but not right as well.

Domino QQ: Easy to start gambling play

All gambling games on which you place bets are not same. Some games are tough to poker online terpercayalearn for which experience is quite necessary, but some games are easy to learn. Domino QQ is the best example of easy to learn game and Domino QQ terpercaya because this game offers more chance to win. The challenges of online gambling can be overcomed by restricting game play to a simple game and there’s nothing better than Domino QQ for a novice player.

Make Domino QQ more interesting

You will definitely enjoy this game in the initial years of your gambling education because there is a good deal of advantages in its play, especially when you restrict your play to some poker online terpercaya site. You get a warm welcome from your poker agent in the form of joining bonus, when you join as a member. The initial deposit bonus follows joining bonus, when you make your first deposit in account maintained with your agent. The bonuses never end because there is always a good deal of perks with your trusted poker agent.

Things to check before handing over a case to a bankruptcy lawyer

Yes, there are a lot of bankruptcy lawyers in the market these days but, getting a genuine one is mandatory because not all the attorneys would be competent in solving the cases. This is a technological world and we must be aware that there are different ways to get reviews about the work which we do. Hence, as a client it becomes your responsibility to make sure that you have handed over your case to the right bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego.

  • Check for their credentials

Though there are a lot of attorneys there are only a handful of them who are extremely genuine when it comes to solving a case associated with bankruptcy. As a client, you must make sure to check for their credentials thoroughly through different sources and only then hand it over to them. Without having confidence in the attorneys that you hire, it is a complete waste of time to give away your case to them.

  • Remember to visit their office

At times, speaking over phone can be deceptive as well. But, the same thing can be clarified when you take a visit to the offices of the bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego. The kind of professionalism and their behavior can reveal a lot about the lawyers. Hence, this can be one of those steps that can be followed before you get a lawyer to solve the case for you.

  • Speak to your friends and contacts

Some of your friends and relatives might have also ended up filing insolvency and these can be the trusted sources. Talking to them about the bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego can be a great thing because their reviews are trustworthy and you can rely on them.