About The IFCJ program – The Food and Medicine Lifeline

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a philanthropic and charitable organization, which was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983. Is IFCJ a good charity? Well they have created several programs to answer this question and one of these programs is called “The Food and Medicine Lifeline”. Created in 2016 its main focus is the betterment of lives of the elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. This beneficial program is a venture by the IFCJ where they pledged $52 million to provide food and medicine through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.IFCJ

These Jews are elderly and are holocaust survivors most of whom are unable to attain or afford the basic resources of life such as food for when they are hungry or medicine when they are suffering from an illness or any kind of injury sustained from accidents. The IFCJ promised a four year deal, in which each year a total amount of $13 million will be provided and this money will be allocated for food and medicines.

IFCJ revealed in their press statement that it would distribute more than 100,000 boxes or around 20 tons of matzah and 75,000 bottles of grape juice as part of holiday food packages for Passover to these elderly Jews living in the countries of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia.IFCJ

The buying, packaging and distribution of the local products is to be seen by local people, who have thorough knowledge about the local communities and the money required. They will provide prepared food, Seder meals, cultural activities and workshops for the holiday in Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania. The IFCJ reviews all these activities to ensure proper use of the funds.

Programs like these are the reason why current IFCJ ratings are so high. The IFCJ rating in 2018 was three stars given by the Charity Navigator.