Is IFCJ A Good Charity? Well Their Tireless Efforts Are a Great Example

Rabbi Eckstein, ever since founding IFCJ back in 1980s, has worked tirelessly towards building a bridge of harmony between Christians and Jews. He has deepened the faith of Jewish literature amongst fellow Christians all across the globe IFCJ ratingsby making them aware of their Jewish origin. Good IFCJ reviews have indicated that the IFCJ has one a brilliant work in setting up a strong communication platform for all Christians and Jews all around the world.

Radio programs

Radio programs are being heard in both Spanish as well as in English in as many as 4156 radio outlets across six different continents. With each passing week, the listeners count has increased and at present there are regular 16 million listeners online. On a daily basis, a two minute program on Jewish root within Christianity named Holy Land Moments are heard in more than 2000 radio outlets located in Canada, United States, United Kingdoms, Kenya, Australia and all throughout Latin America.

Is IFCJ a good charity? Well, their programs certainly suggest so.

Some other programs include a five minutes and three minutes broadcast on latest IFCJ ratingsnew updates of Israel. “Pray for Israel Program” is aired daily which lasts for roughly one minute which features the prayers of IFCJ supporters.

Television and Social Media

Special television programs are aired by the Fellowship in Australia, U.S, Canada and Europe both a weekly and daily basis. View count never drops and at present good IFCJ rating offers a view count of 18 million a week. The programs mainly highlight the needs of fellow Jewish community in Ethiopia, Israel, Arab Lands, Soviet Union and many other countries.

With the emergence of social media, many organizations are channelizing their marketing policies towards a digital platform. Good IFCJ ratings and ever-increasing followers have helped the organization grow on a global platform. IFCJ’s personal website is updated on a daily basis to keep the followers updated about the regular [proceedings of the organization.