Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery: An Alternative to Open-heart Surgery

Cardiac surgery is a complex procedure, but medical science has developed many innovative and advanced techniques to simplify the procedure. From open-heart surgery to robotic surgery, the surgeons are trying all techniques that are minimally invasive.

Open-heart surgery

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is an alternative to open-heart surgery. In the latter, surgery is performed on the muscles, arteries, and valves by cutting open the chest bones. Obviously, there pain and blood loss are associated with this surgical procedure, though it is better and safer compared to a traditional heart surgery. The most common adult open-heart surgery is coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

Alternative to open-heart surgery

A surgery is performed through a small incision in the right side of chest in minimally invasive surgical procedure, without making a cut through the breastbone. The procedure is called minimally invasive due to low blood loss, less pain, and faster post-surgical recovery.

Roberto Casula

The innovative minimally invasive cardiac surgery techniques have offered many advantages and a surgeon may have a better view of the interior for effective performance of the procedure, but some problems are associated with minimally invasive procedure.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery technique

An advanced infrastructure and skilled specialists are required in the hospitals to introduce minimally invasive cardiac technique. All hospitals can’t afford this type of infrastructure. However, a hospital having this facility can take services of a skilled cardiac consultant from some other hospital. Many cardiac specialists like Roberto Casula of UK are specialized in minimally invasive technique. Dr. Casula is at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London, but perform surgeries on other locations on a special schedule.

Future of minimally invasive cardiac surgery

Open-heart surgery, when introduced, was a revolution in cardiac surgery, but minimally invasive surgical technique has dominated open-heart surgery by its advantages. A minimally invasive surgery is the preferred method of cardiac surgery for multiple cardiac conditions, wherever available, and it will have complete dominance over open-heart surgery when this technique will have greater feasibility in future.