Roberto Casula: A prominent Name in Minimal Access Cardiac Robotic Technique

Who is Roberto Casula? A qualified medical professional from Padova University, Mr. Casula became a leading robotic cardiac surgeon in the United Kingdom. The prominence of his name in this area of specialization came in 2002 after performing the first coronary bypass without opening the chest. This type of surgical technique is known as minimally invasive surgery. Not all cardiac surgeons are specialized in this technique, and very few of them like Dr. Casula have gained mastery in this minimal access cardiac surgery.roberto casula

Minimal Access Cardiac Robotic Technique

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is a typically a minimal access robotic technique. In which hands of a surgeon guides a robotic arm to perform surgical procedure. A cardiac surgeon just sits over a special chair to access the interior of the patient’s chest and heart and directs robotic arm to do the rest. This seems to be easy, but it is not easy for every cardiac surgeon to perform surgical procedure using this technique. A surgeon should have an ample skill in laparoscopy and proper experience of robotic surgery like Roberto Casula who has so far performed over 135 cardiac surgeries on patients using advance technique.

Roberto Casula and OPCAB in coronary bypass grafting roberto casula

This has become routine of Dr. Casula who performs many such surgeries within the UK. Roberto Casula performs coronary bypass grafting on his patients without the use of cardiopulmonary bypass machine, unlike most other cardiac surgeons. Instead, he uses Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass (OPCAB), commonly referred to as ‘off-pump’ technique. This technique doesn’t require stoppage of heart, reducing stroke and fatality risks in patients.

Why Dr. Casula is renowned

You now understand why Dr. Casula is renowned in the UK and other parts of the globe. He also has association with three leading medial entities:

  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England;
  • The Society of Cardio-thoracic Surgery for Great Britain and Ireland; and
  • A fellow and member of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery.