The Events Occurred In the Life

The goodwill ENI enjoys in his fraternity has got lot to do with the exemplary work done by Roberto casula over the years. The meteoric rise of Mr. Casula through the ranks of one of the largest Oil and Gas Company is nothing less than a fairytale.roberto casula

Early life of Roberto casula:

Born and raised in Cagliari, Italy he did his graduation in Mining Engineering from the University of Cagliari in 1988. On completion of his graduation, he joined one of the leading Oil and Gas Company named Agip S.p.A where he held the position of Reservoir Engineer until 1991. During his stay at Agip he worked in several other departments which helped him to improve his stature. Initially, he was responsible for looking after the log and production testing on behalf of the company.

The jobs he handled over the years:

Due to his excellent work, he was pushed to take more responsibility and following that year; he started supervising the reservoir modeling both in the headquarters and Sophia. In 1992, within four years of his joining, he got promoted to the position of Petroleum Engineer where he mastered during his academic days. In 1993, due to his exemplary work as the Petroleum Engineer, he was further promoted to the position where his job was to supervise and review all the production of the company.

The period 1997 till 2000 was quite crucial for Roberto casula eni career as he was working at the position of Development and Production Coordinator. The work he did during this period helped him to throttle his career into a much better place in the Board of Director’s room. From 2004 to 2005, he handled several managerial jobs in Eni which included the role of CEO of EniMed before he got promoted to Managing Director of the company in the Libya branch.

The position of Senior Vice President:

The work he did in Libya for Eni helped his cause to become the next Senior Vice President in Sub-Saharan Africa. Now his job was to look after the operational and all the monetary activities of the company till 2011.