The Inspiration for Millions – Roberto Casula Eni

These days, Roberto casual this name is tending a lot. Many people are curious to know about who he is and why he is highly searched on the search engines. For many people, he is a source of inspiration as he has achieved many things in the professional field. He was born in 1962 in Cagliari. He is currently involved in the open innovation and corporate venture capital at Eni. If you are curious to know more about him then just read on and quench your curiosity.

His beginning

He graduated in Mining engineering. After graduating in the year 1988 he joined Eni as a reservoir engineer.  Before moving to West Africa he started working in the Italian oil field. After getting promoted to Chief Development Engineer he moved to West Africa. In the year 1997, he appointed as the coordinator of business development for the Middle East and Africa and returned to Milan. After serving as the Project Technical Service Manager for the headquarter, in 2001 he appointed as the Project Director for Middle East project on a big scale of the gas project.

Roberto Casula

He held numerous managerial positions from 2004 to 2005 in Eni E&P. Before being appointed as the Eni’s Managing Director in Libya in the year 2005 he also worked as the CEO of EniMed SpA.

His Persona

Once someone asks roberto casula eni about his inspiration for joining the oil and gas industry he said that his technical background is one of the biggest reason but the technology and scientific challenges that are related to the energy matters has always fascinated him to explore this field more and more.

Gratitude is one word that he considers most important in life. As per him, this is the most unappreciated and neglected word. However, it has fundamental value in daily life as well as when one is managing a large number of people in an organization.