Why The IFCJ Ratings Matter Very Much For Proper Accreditation?

The IFCJ has garnered a really great reputation for being charitable organization that looks after the whole set of needs of the Jews. There are however many people who question the integrity of the organization. To give answer to such queries, the IFCJ ratings are available for everyone to see.

These ratings, provides with much needed support to the organization and ensures a lot of transparency. The information that people get from here is completely unbiased in nature. It also ensures that all finances are accounted for here. The integrity associated with a non-profit organization is maintained owing to these ratings.Is IFCJ a good charity


There are many different websites that rate as well as completely evaluate these charities. The BBB is one of the most popular sites that proceed with the evaluation. There are lots of intricate criteria set by these websites based on which the evaluation is done. Therefore, the IFCJ rating is very much credible in nature.

The entire IFCJ organization, takes into account financial transparency quite seriously. They make the best possible use of the funds got from the donors. The best interest of the people of Israel is taken into account here. Jews from all over the world look forward to these funds.

Building support

The mission of the IFCJ, is not only to gather funds, but also become a voice for the Jews found all over the world. The organization itself was founded in the year 1983. The very famous Rabbi Eckstein can be regarded as the founder of this organization, his name features prominently in IFCJ reviews.Is IFCJ a good charity

Understanding between Christians and Jews

If you have the question Is IFCJ a good charity, then you better look up the internet to find out all about its good works. Relationship of hatred between Jews and Christians has been replaced by respect and cooperation owing to this organization.